Seeking Exile

It Starts With a Little Change …

Thirty-something Beth Anderson may not know it, but she’s ready for a challenge. After a cross-country relocation, a failed relationship, and a layoff, she thinks she’s just trying to pull her life back together. But she’s about to make a series of small decisions that will steer her life onto an entirely different course.

Each incremental change is easy, but as Beth soon learns, it’s a surprisingly short step from the mainstream to the gulfstream.

Seeking Exile follows Beth on her literal and figurative voyage as she learns about the cruising lifestyle and what she thought she already knew: who she is, what she values, and true self-reliance.

Author S. Mia McCroskey’s work and personal life were at a low point when she decided to take up sailing in her twenties. In Seeking Exile she weaves her own life experience on and around sailboats with a passionate, funny, and romantic tale of exploration and adventure that stretches from New York City to Havana and the Virgin Islands.

Available on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback.

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