Double Trouble Adventures

Beth Anderson just can’t seem to stay out of trouble as she navigates her sailboat, and her life. She reinvents herself in Seeking Exile, setting and achieving ambitious goals, and discovering a talent for sailing she didn’t know she had. Despite resolving to make the trip from new York to the Caribbean islands on her own, she meets a wonderful man along the way who she ultimately invites to join her. He accepts.

In Trouble In Paradise, she proves herself as a solo sailor when she brings her boat, Double Trouble, half way down the Caribbean island chain to help a friend she believes is in distress. This adventure brings her boyfriend Terry to her aid, along with her friend Burt, a mysterious charter captain who seems to pop up at all the right moments.

Beth and Terry are finally cruising together when they learn about a multi-island treasure hunt in Looking for Trouble. They’re well on their way, tracking down clues toward the ultimate prize when a fellow cruiser begs for their help sailing her boat to the next island. Little do they know, their fellow cruiser is not the helpless sailing spouse she appears to be.

With her bank account on life support Beth has to accept that she needs a real job–at least for a while. Fortunately, Terry is very happy to host her in his Washington, D.C. home for as long as necessary. This expedient arrangement turns out to be their new lifestyle in Too Much Trouble. Beth gets a great job that becomes even better when her employer sends her to St. Martin to work directly with a client. She’s able to live aboard Double Trouble in a marina and get paid for it! Things are going great, right up until she discovers something fishy about her client’s business. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Soon Beth’s friend Burt is there too, and even her old friend Ori plays a role in figuring out what’s going on.

And coming soon:

Planning the perfect wedding while consulting with Grenada’s Minister of Education, Beth finds herself witness to a kidnapping on the island. As I Knew You Were Trouble unfolds, Beth and Terry’s wedding, their purchase of a new boat, her consulting work, and a rash of kidnappings all converge to create the most adventurous honeymoon ever.

About S. Mia McCroskey

A Southern California native, S. Mia McCroskey started writing when she was in ninth grade. She took up sailing when she was in her twenties as an antidote to an unpleasant job. It was a toss up between sailing lessons and pottery classes. She flipped a coin; her quarter was a lucky one.

She moved from California to New York for a better job a couple years later and continued sailing in Long Island Sound and the Chesapeake Bay. Since stepping aboard that first Soling in Marina del Rey she has become qualified to charter large, valuable sailboats in fascinating locales all over the world. In her professional career she transitioned from a magazine and book editor to managing software development. She attributes most of her leadership skills to her experience handling crews of friends and acquaintances aboard sailboats. She has never owned her own boat, but she did eventually take pottery classes.