British Virgin Islands (1991)

We replaced your coffee with decaf . . .

Saturday: Road Harbour to Peter Island
Sunday: Peter Island to Salt Island to Cooper Island
Monday: Cooper Island to The Baths to North Sound
Tuesday: North Sound to Trellis Bay
Wednesday: Trellis Bay to Cane Garden Bay
Thursday: Cane Garden Bay to Sandy Cay
to Jost Van Dyke
Friday: Jost Van Dyke to Norman Island
Saturday: Norman Island to Road Harbour

Back to the BVI! While St. Barts Sailing’s earliest bareboat charters were to these easy-sailing, sunny, fun islands, the current group of sailing regulars had not been there.

The interboat rivalry started early and escalated throughout the trip with frequent waterballoon wars and more elaborate pranks. We stole their funnelator*, they stole our dinghy. We told them we’d replaced all their coffee with decaf (even though we had not), they stole all our snorkeling gear and barbeque. The war culminated with an in-the-water battle for a siezed funnelator where bathingsuit parts were lost and voices were raised.

Some of the best pranks were those not played: we planned to slip their boat off it’s mooring early in the morning and take her in tow out to sea. But before we got up, they snuck aboard our boat, stationed themselves at the portholes and hatches, and pelted us with waterballoons.

But somehow we all came out of it unscathed and friendly. The trip remains one of the best on record for the group, with stories of pranks and parties still retold years later. But by the time we were ready to return to the islands the next year we’d realized something important–it’s tough to stay on guard against the other boats, and waterballoons are bad for the wildlife.

*Funnelator: a funnel with surgical tubing attached to either side of the rim to create a giant slingshot for firing water balloons.

Virgin Gorda’s unique rock formations form a snorkler’s wonderland
Lisa, Allan, and Chris lounging around off the caves at Treasure Point, Norman Island
Lagniappe and Cloud Nine in a tacking duel across Sir Francis Drake Channel.
The Lagniappe crew playing in the bath water.