The View from Sea Level

Lost and Found

I impulse bought a couple Apple Air Tags—those devices you attach to your valuables so you can track their location. I put one on my keys and one in my handbag.  When I got to Cape Cod a couple weeks ago, I noticed that the one on my key chain was not. Damn. It must… Continue reading Lost and Found

Rounding the Cape

A little sort of ten years ago a friend and I booked a ten-day passage aboard a tall ship, sailing from Portsmouth, Virginia to Fernandina Beach, Florida. We were in it for the experience of rounding Cape Hatteras “on the outside.” And what an experience it was! From the glory of dolphins playing in our… Continue reading Rounding the Cape

Cutting the Cord

The day my former employer informed me that my services were no longer needed I immediately took two actions. I updated my mobile plans for my phone and iPad, and I cut my cable. Specifically, I informed Verizon that the package of phone, Fios, TV, and internet I was paying a crazy $250 a month… Continue reading Cutting the Cord

Susan “Mia”

Recently, at work, something changed my display name in Webex from Mia to Susan Mia. I didn’t notice until people started asking me “Is your name Susan?” and saying, “We have a new person in the meeting, welcome Susan.” In most work systems (Slack, Jira, etc.) I’m Mia. But now Webex is picking up my… Continue reading Susan “Mia”

9/11: Ground Zero Diary

Eleven days after the destruction of the World Trade Center, a muggy September Saturday, I got up before dawn. I did it so that I could be on the subway before seven to reach the financial district before eight. Eight a.m. was the shift change at the Seaman’s Church Institute and St. Paul’s Chapel, the… Continue reading 9/11: Ground Zero Diary


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