Antigua: Triple Reefs (2000)

Saturday: English Harbor to Mamora
Sunday: Mamora to Brown’s Bay
Monday: Lay Day Brown’s Bay
Tuesday: Brown’s Bay to Dickinson Bay
Wednesday: Lay Day Dickinson Bay
Thursday: Dickinson Bay to Deep Bay
Friday: Deep Bay to Falmouth Harbour
Saturday: Falmouth Harbour to English Harbour
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The Club had been reluctant to make Antigua it’s destination for many years, fearing that the one island would not provide enough diversion for a full week. But research indicated that Antigua’s hundreds of beaches, extensive reefs, and varied landscape would be plenty interesting. After all, hundreds of boats go there to race every spring.

In many ways this was a “luxury” cruise, with only five sailors aboard a 50-foot yacht.

But we soon learned the value of extra bodies as the wind averaged 30 knots and the sea swells neared 8 feet. Even our queasy crew gamely chipped in to grind and tail when we tacked, since there were not enough hands to do it all without them.

Various difficulties with the boat had us calling the charter company more often than usual, but each time they promptly solved the problem, traveling all over the island to find us. And on the whole, French-built Subito was a solid sailing boat, comfortable to live on and completely up to the battering she received in those heavy conditions.

Subito crew, Dan, Anna (front), Lisa T., Lisa S., Mia

Snorkeling was disappointing, as the reefs are populated with fish, but the coral is largely dead. So we satisfied ourselves with hikes ashore, horseback riding, and great meals at several of the island’s many good restaurants.

Would we go back? Absolutely. And we’ll make the side trip to wild, beautiful Barbuda when we do.

Lisa selects her fins
Sky Dancing in the cockpit . . .
. . . and below
Boom dancing, a natural progression from sky dancing.
Dinghy as sun-float, ok if you don’t mind the garbage.

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