The Double Trouble Adventure series; Fan fiction based on the British TV series The Avengers and short lived science fiction series Earth2; and Travelogues about sailing, cycling, and road trips.

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3D Printing Update

It’s been a few weeks since I invested in my 3D printer with the intention of printing a new fire escape for my dollhouse. At least for starters. I do realize one doesn’t buy a printer to create a single object. Since then, I’ve discovered more and more possible projects and experienced both satisfaction and…

Printing Minis

About a week ago I was bemoaning the fragility of the fire escape on my dollhouse. It had once again detached from the wall and been damaged. “I should 3d print it!” I thought, reading that 3d printers have become inexpensive. “Then it could be one sturdy piece.” Except I didn’t have a 3d printer,…

I Was forced to Spend Five Days in Paradise

This happened in the middle of a sailing trip during which we planned to visit the US and Spanish Virgin Islands (the latter are part of Puerto Rico). One could argue that the entire nine days of sailing was in paradise, and one would be correct. But we did not plan to spend five days…

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