The Double Trouble Adventure series; Fan fiction based on the British TV series The Avengers and short lived science fiction series Earth2; and Travelogues about sailing, cycling, and road trips.

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Miniature Photography

A few years ago I hunted for a photo enlarger for my dollhouse’s darkroom with no luck. I could find miniature cameras and typewriters and computers, but not a single traditional photography enlarger like I learned to use in college. But that’s what Steed’s darkroom has to have. So I made one out of cardstock…

3D Printing Update

It’s been a few weeks since I invested in my 3D printer with the intention of printing a new fire escape for my dollhouse. At least for starters. I do realize one doesn’t buy a printer to create a single object. Since then, I’ve discovered more and more possible projects and experienced both satisfaction and…

Printing Minis

About a week ago I was bemoaning the fragility of the fire escape on my dollhouse. It had once again detached from the wall and been damaged. “I should 3d print it!” I thought, reading that 3d printers have become inexpensive. “Then it could be one sturdy piece.” Except I didn’t have a 3d printer,…

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