The Double Trouble Adventure series; Fan fiction based on the British TV series The Avengers and short lived science fiction series Earth2; and Travelogues about sailing, cycling, and road trips.

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Cutting the Cord

The day my former employer informed me that my services were no longer needed I immediately took two actions. I updated my mobile plans for my phone and iPad, and I cut my cable. Specifically, I informed Verizon that the package of phone, Fios, TV, and internet I was paying a crazy $250 a month… Continue reading Cutting the Cord

More than a year ago…

The beach glass is back in my bathroom sink. More than a year ago, I started closing the toilet lid before flushing so that my waste would not be aerosolized and spread throughout the bathroom. Because my toilet seat was a slow close type, it soon broke from being pushed down to fast. So one… Continue reading More than a year ago…

Susan “Mia”

Recently, at work, something changed my display name in Webex from Mia to Susan Mia. I didn’t notice until people started asking me “Is your name Susan?” and saying, “We have a new person in the meeting, welcome Susan.” In most work systems (Slack, Jira, etc.) I’m Mia. But now Webex is picking up my… Continue reading Susan “Mia”

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